Pure Lead Ingot is being produced from Raw Lead Bullion / Lead Metallic Scrap though Pyrometallurgical process. Our Refining Process, producing Pure Lead Ingots with a minimum purity level of 99.97% by weight but achieves purity level of 99.985% in most of cases.

Our Plant is having three Refining Cattle / Pots with capacity of 35 MT, 15 MT & 12 MT each. Automatic Our Ingot Casting Machine cast 10 MT per hour and ensures Dross-free & smooth top surface of each ingots.

The typical composition of Refined Lead / Pure Lead -


 Composition in %


Antimony (Sb)

0.001 (max)

Arsenic (As) 0.001 (max)
Tin (Sn) 0.001 (max)
Copper  (Cu) 0.001 (max)
Bismuth (Bi) 0.030 (max)
Iron (Fe) 0.001 (max)
Nickel (Ni) 0.001 (max)
Silver (Ag) 0.005 (max)
Zinc (Zn) 0.001 (max)
Calcium (Ca) 0.0005 (max)
Sulphur (S) 0.0005 (max)
Aluminum (Al) 0.0005 (max)
Lead (Pb) 99.970 (min)


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