We have been in Sri Lanka since 1999 and, ever since, we have made a mark by offering world class products in an extremely eco-friendly environment.

Our clients get a competitive advantage as a result of our continuous process of quality advancement in all spheres of performance. This is endorsed with the accreditation of ISO to our Quality Management System.

The company was incorporated in 1999 having its registered office and manufacturing facility at Plot – 27’A’Mirigama Export Processing Zone, Mirigama (Gampaha), Sri Lanka. It is 35 km away from the Bandarnayake International Airport and 55 km away from the seaport of Colombo. The “Pride of Lanka” status was accorded to the company by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka under S.17.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility conforms to the highest standards of eco-friendliness. In this pollution free environment we manufacture Lead Ingots & Polypropylene Chips/Granules.

As a matter of fact we are the largest producer of Lead Ingots and Polypropylene chips in Sri Lanka. The lead Ingots are produced by recycling battery scrap (ISRI-RAINS) and smelting of Lead Ore/ Concentrate. Battery scrap is collected from all over the country.





Plot No. 27 "A", MEPZ
Mirigama Export Processing Zone
Mirigama (Distt.- Gampaha) SRI LANKA
Phone: +94-33-2275394
Fax: +94-33-2275395
Mobile: +94 777414880 to +94 -777-414884
E-mail: sales@navamlanka.com

House No. 28,
M/s Alan Samaranayake, Girulla Road,
Mirigama,(Distt.- Gampaha) SRI LANKA
Ph: +94-33-2273229
Email: guest@navamlanka.com

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